My week just keeps getting better people!

Do you remember Isabella’s February’s win a blog makeover contest?  Well guess what?  I WON IT!!!  Check me out.

Sorry for all the exclamation points today, I’m just feeling the love and I am so thrilled I can’t stop smiling.  Now, this means I have to switch my blog from wordpress over to blogger, so there will be some changes and a new link, which I will give you once it’s all done.  I’m feeling pretty lucky since I also won sexywhisper’s Orgasmic Christmas Contest *my prize was a fabulous mini g-spot vibe*.  So, I have some decisions to make over here.  Hmmm, custom hey?  This could be very very interesting indeed.  Who’s a lucky girl?  Yep, it’s me.  🙂

If you haven’t already, scroll down to the last post.  You’ll see that I’m having a happy start to my week.  Woot woot!  Can’t wait to show you all my new diggs.  Sweet!


~ by autumnmist on March 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “My week just keeps getting better people!”

  1. You are winning all round at the moment 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing the new look blog 🙂

    autumn says: i know, isn’t that just awesome? yay! i am as well.

  2. Congratulations, girl! How fucking absolutely awesome is that? I LOVE what she did for Having My Cake.

    autumn says: i freakin know! wow! this is going to be sooo much fun.

  3. Glad to hear things are so great! You really do look like you are having a great time. You go girl!

    autumn says: well thanks spin. things are going well. i had a bit of an upset on thursday which may cause future drama, but i’m just going to ignore that for the moment. life is sweet, you know? sometimes it doesn’t feel that way, but it really is.

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