HNT#13–Getting my groove on

I am having a great weeks so far, wonderful in fact.  I have been feeling so happy and strong.  If you scroll down to the last 2 posts you’ll see what’s been happening!   Actually, I was hoping more of you would have danced for me to Duffy.   I have exciting news!  I have successfully caught up on every financial obligation I have (pretty good for a single mom, hey?) and I actually have a bit left over for general things.  I am purchasing my first piece of art.  I saw it at an exhibit back in January and it was meant to be mine.  I am working out the arrangements this week, so I will post a picture when I get it. 

Real life has gotten in the way of my blogging schedule.  I have been posting but have missed so many of your posts.  I am so sorry and I promise I will make it up to you all somehow.  I have missed you and hope to have a little more time soon.  Red is visiting from out of town tonight so I am going to keep it brief.  I think I might have to go dancing this weekend because I need to release, let my body feel the music and just have fun.  It’s time to get out and socialize with the outside world.  Pretty brave, wha?

Life is good.  Live it to the fullest.  Have fun.


*having fun and bouncing like mad*

*gotta loves the camo*


*wow!  was i having fun here!*

Make sure you visit Os, mmmkay?



~ by autumnmist on March 5, 2009.

28 Responses to “HNT#13–Getting my groove on”

  1. You are SO FREAKING cute! I love those pants. And you in them 😉

    Congrats on such a great week babe

    autumn says: thanks sweetie! i’m just loving life these days. it feels so damn good too!

  2. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
    I love it!!!
    I got some camo goin too!!

    autumn says: i know sage. you are sexy hot in camo. this was a fun post! 🙂

  3. That hair swing is outstanding!!

    Happt HNT!

    autumn says: thanks! i really love that one as well. so clearly in movement.

  4. Great pics…it made me smile thinking about you being so happy!

    autumn says: thank you. it made me smile to read this comment.

  5. I love the cami’s! Very Sexy!

    autumn says: well thank you! i wasn’t sure on the second pic as it really is very natural, but my friend was here and encouraged me to post it. worked out in the end i guess. 🙂

  6. These are fabulously fun pics! Love the camo. “Sweet ass” indeed, darlin!

    autumn says: i am a serious ass girl. i loves my own, and loves to check out others. it was a fun night for sure. thanks. xo back atcha!

  7. Congrats on all good things. Your happiness is infectious. Swooning at your beauty here. HHNT!

    autumn says: *blush giggle* you’re so sweet to say that! i’m glad it made you feel so good. 🙂

  8. It seems the bottom picture is wanting to see you connected to a Wii 🙂

    Congrats on the money stuff!!!

    autumn says: you know TUG? i need to get me one of them. the plan is for christmas. i do play guitar hero though. i totally rock!

  9. I need to cut loose like that! HHNT! 🙂

    autumn says: dance. you will feel great. my word. do it honey, cut loose!

  10. Congrats on being caught up financially! Go you! Awesome on the art, that rocks. I love art.

    I suck at reading blogs. I don’t have much free time to peruse my favorites sadly.

    Cute pics! Happy HNT!

    autumn says: i feel good having my finances in order for sure. i actually got to take the kids out one day and let them pick a little something each. it felt really good. 🙂 yes, i am still waiting on an email to arrange pickup of the art. i am so excited about it!

  11. I really love these photos… you look joyful and happy. I hope that mood stays with you…

    autumn says: thank you A, i feel joyful and happy. i’m getting stronger by the day. i will be happy. simple.

  12. wel done on a great week.. you have every right to shake what your momma gave you and we will gladly watch 😉


    autumn says: thanks jobthingy! i’m still feeling pretty good coming into the weekend. cool! glad you enjoyed. you should really dance with me. you’ll love it.

  13. Good for you….congratulations!!!

    Great pics! Love your hair!!! I have never been a fan of camo, but I am reconsidering…Camo looks great on a sexy woman!!!

    autumn says: breve, i didn’t care for the camo either but they really do look pretty sexy. i’m sure you would look totally hot in the camo. yay! thanks on the congrats. it feels really settling.

  14. Where’s the 3rd pic? Hehe! Glad to see that you got your groove back. 😉 HHNT!

    autumn says: actually, i had planned on taking another with a little less clothing but Red was visiting and we were drinking beer and playing guitar hero instead. i’m so glad to have my groove back too. it’s great.

  15. You sure are having fun there and looking so damn cute too!


    autumn says: thanks mike! you are such a honey!

  16. Looks like you were a shaking your money maker there… HHNT!

    autumn says: southerngirl, i am all about shaking my money maker! so much fun.

  17. You look like you’re having a blast – too cute!!

    autumn says: i was, and thanks! i love the way my hair is flowing in the first. kinda cool.

  18. Sure looks like you had a good time!

    Happy HNT!

    autumn says: i totally was. hey, i told you i was gonna have an MG, but it will be either next week or the one after. you’ll have to stay tuned. 😉

  19. what a happy post GREAT HNT

    autumn says: angel, i hope it made you feel happy. 🙂

  20. I freaking *LOVE* these botty shakin’ pix of you. You rock the camo ALL kinds of super-hawt.

    OMG- I have *such* a “thing” for camo. I REALLY (really!) do.

    Outstanding! I so wish I was dancin’ with you, you sexy-sweet girl! 🙂

    Luv ya baby 😀

    autumn says: i’m glad you liked it smiley! i loves to shake my ass, seriously. it’s a problem…lol you know, i never really liked the camo but bought one pair a couple of years back for a team relay event. my bf at the time thought they were pretty fucking hot and they sort of grew on my. i just bought this pair last weekend at a second hand store. 7 bucks, worth every penny. 🙂

  21. marvelous HNT post! I am loving it. Keep on dancing, life is too short to not dance. I’m dancing right along with ya!


    autumn says: oh you are so right. dancing makes me feel so freakin good i can’t stop myself! i’m glad you danced. did you scroll down to duffy and dance to that? it’s awesome.

  22. As one struggling to get out from the financial obligations I have accrued through the last few years I so understand the joy you are feeling. Congratulations and good for you! Dance away, you deserve it! Happy HNT!

    autumn says: yes, money is a never ending problem i decided long ago not to worry about it overly, but the fall was particularly bad for me. i know that you understand the joy, and i hope for prosperity for you and yours. i’m so glad i was able to share it really.

  23. Dance like no ones watchin.
    I love it.


    autumn says: i love to dance. it feels so good! it’s so free and easy when you are all alone.

  24. moments of joy, moments of beauty. great combination.

    autumn says: that’s a lovely thing to say, thank you.

  25. This is looking really fun – dancing, undressing… Is this a continuing series *wink*

    Sorry for beeing late, I also have a real life that takes time away from this HNT world!

    Happy belated HNT!!!

    autumn says: i meant to take more, but not a series per se. perhaps some more dancing photos will be good at another time though. yes, we all have lots to do, no worries about being late. glad you stopped by!

  26. What amazing news! You’re doing brilliant for a single mom. You also LOOK amazing – great HNT. I can’t wait to see your artwork. I bought my first “real” piece about a year ago and still get chills when I look at it!

    autumn says: i feel fabulous having gotten everything fixed. 🙂 i did pick up my art, just trying to figure out whether i should mount it, or find a frame but it’s quite large. might be tricky. i cannot wait to show you all!

  27. Love how your hair bounces on the first photo! You energy radiates through my monitor! LOL

  28. Careful… next thing you know you’ll be naked and think it’s a good idea to clean with some lavender scented Comet! ha..ha.ha…

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