What does Autumn want?  To be loved, to be accepted for herself.  That’s what.

Someday my prince will come…but in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy being footloose and fancy free.

This song just makes me feel all warm.  Take a moment, close your eyes.  Come away with me.



~ by autumnmist on March 6, 2009.

6 Responses to “Longing”

  1. I just melt when I hear her sing. Nice post.

    autumn says: i know. she makes me melt too. when i was preggers, i was getting massages on a weekly basis and the lady used to play Nora Jones. always makes me feel so relaxed to hear her sing.

  2. Forget waiting for a prince. Go have fun with the jesters and don’t get married again.

    autumn says: oh no honey, not waiting for the prince–just musing. i want to enjoy the jesters for a time for sure.

  3. Enjoy your time and your prince will come in due time.

  4. I agree with nitebyrd!

  5. Great post….have fun with jesters and one may be a prince in disquise.

  6. (((HUGS)))

    Love it!

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