HNT#14–Protected in pink

My new diggs

My new blog is going to kick ass!  I don’t want to jump the gun and give any specific day but Isabella is working on it and with the help of some wonderful bloggers and friends, some preparations are complete on my end as well.  I have to switch from wordpress over to blogger so I will have a new link and will post it soon.  I am really looking forward to showing it to all of you.  Stay tuned for that, won’t you?


Who’s suing who?

This last week and a bit has been totally insane.  As I mentioned last week I have cleared substantial debt and am feeling pretty good about it.  The pig and I still have some linked debt.  It was prearranged that I would take the car loan over in my name as soon as he takes over another small debt *but not before I paid my portion of course–you can’t expect responsibility from a pig*.  Now I decided to take a stance of my own.  I paid my portion, but left $500 of it for him to pay because he still owes me money and I don’t forget that shit.  I sent him a brief email saying:

I wanted to let you know that I have paid my portion of the furniture bill and when you take it over, i will wait just a couple of weeks until payments are processed then take the car loan over.
You will notice that there is a balance of $1479.11 plus an additional $500 that you owed me from the fall.  I need this money elsewhere in order to take the car loan over.  

I didn’t think I was being a bitch AND I was asking for less than what he owes.  By the way, I did actually have it to pay but I had to try.  Five minutes after I arrived at work my cell phone goes off *it’s cute and pink and plays Circus when it rings* I didn’t catch it the first time but recognised the digits and ran to find dirtygirl so she could be my moral support.  Phone starts ringing again.  I answer and he tells me that isn’t feasible for him.  Hmmm…interesting since you live at home in your childhood bedroom mama’s boy!  Anyhow, I won’t get into the whole conversation cause it pisses me off more but I will tell you that dirtygirl caught most of the conversation and was jumping and clapping for me *I guess I was standing up for myself* but then it got more heated so I went outside into the cold winter air with just my sweater and dress pants so I could yell without of my co-workers hearing it all.  She was upset to have missed the end but it’s ok.  He says flat out HELL NO he’s not gonna pay it.  He’s being childish and I’m putting in a small claim and getting what I’m owed.  If he wants to mess with me, he better be ready.

And in other news, I got a very unpleasant surprise yesterday afternoon at work when dirtygirl came to tell me there was someone asking for me and he called me by my real name–not my nickname like everyone else.  Turns out it was the landlord from the townhouse I left after the split.  They are suing me for rent and damages *I did break the lease but my situation was pretty dire*.  I know I left it in good condition.  You should see this shit.  Man, if it didn’t make me so fucking tense I’d write it all down but I’m still very upset right now.  My hearing is in late April .  Anyhow, so here I am nearly debt free and POOOOF here comes the drama.  Drama fucking sucks.  I am feeling happy inside still.  I will be fine, just have lots of details to work out and paperwork to locate. 


 Dirtygirl’s meat market

Dirtygirl and I worked shifts at a construction trade show this weekend past.  It’s dirtygirl’s favorite work event because she loves the eye candy milling about.   She just kills me with her “future husband” talk.  “Ohhh did you see the guy over at the ___booth”?  She’ll talk about it loud and clear from where ever she’s standing.  Makes me giggle and grin and it’s especially fun now that I’m single too!  🙂  It’s funny because with all the different booths there is one that doesn’t fit.  A candy stand.  Wonderful melt-in-you-mouth fudge and caramel nuts.  That’s the candy I was looking for.  Every year when I work the show I spend $12 on fudge and other stuffs.  mmmm yummy.   After my shift on Saturday afternoon I went to pick up my art.  Now, I would really love to show it to you but it’s rolled up until I can frame it.  I don’t want your first impression of it to be a snap shot that isn’t complete.  I have called my father out of province and asked him to make me a frame.  When I get it, I will do my very best Vanna White impersonation for you all.  I didn’t out dancing, however, I did go to a house party with a fun crowd.  Sometimes it’s a push to get me out but once there I do enjoy being a social butterfly.


Sometimes I hide away
I stay wound in my little cocoon waiting for strength,
waiting for my vulnerability to dissipate before resurfacing
I am not sad
I feel so free, so happy inside but…

Sometimes the real world can be hard
Sometimes we get hurt
Here I don’t feel pained
This is my freedom, my solace
I have found something that’s just for me

*click please*

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~ by autumnmist on March 12, 2009.

18 Responses to “HNT#14–Protected in pink”

  1. Wowowowowowow
    Damn girl. Of course I knew the MG was you but that pic is absolutely stunning!!!

  2. Ooooo…. *squeal* I DO so adore those panties. I think I have them in black, but seeing them on you, I love them more in white.

    Gah. DRAMA! (((you))) Doesn’t it seem it falls on the pple who try to avoid it the most?!

  3. I think I’ve seen you somewhere else. 😉
    Lookin’ great!

    Happy HNT!

  4. I hope everything gets taken care of! And beautiful HNT… just look forward, keep looking forward no matter how much those around you try to bring you down and keep you constantly focused on the past and past mistakes.

  5. Wow. You sort of hit everything here tonight, didn’t you?

    Can’t wait to see the new site!

  6. I hope you don’t need the cocoon for long.

    Good luck with the landlord!

  7. (HUGS) – hope everything is sorted out soon. Lovely lovely pics – all of them – everywhere 😉 HHNT!

  8. Now see? Here I was, appreciating the MG, and had no idea who it could be! Glad I found you!

  9. I can’t wait to see the new blog and the new art! Those are really exciting. Great HNT! I’m also glad that you are still feeling happy inside. You’ve done some amazing things and you should be happy. The “pig” and the rat-bastard landlord are just little obstacles to get past. You’ll get over them, I just know it!

  10. Very sexy and dreamy! As for the messes in your life, hold your ground no matter what. You rock! HHNT!

  11. I think you’re tough and cool and you deserve a break. Here’s hoping the money stuff gets taken care of soon. It’s such a bother, huh?

    And your photos? Hubba, hubba. I always love seeing what you share.


  12. A beautiful HNT.

    I wish you all the best as you deal with the unpleasent drama.

  13. First of all: I’m really curious on your new blog!

    Second: I do love your sexy pictures and I’m sure I’ve seen the clickie somewhere before *wink*

    Happy HNT!!!

  14. Beautiful pictures. And hang in there, money’s just money. As long as you feel happy inside, like you say, it’s all good, no? There was a period of my life that was a bit hectic in the same way, and you know what? It all got settled and fixed and I’m better than ever now. Wish you the same 🙂

  15. Beautiful pics, sweetie. LOVE the first one. Your hair looks soft and beautiful in it.

    Hope all the drama goes away soon.


  16. Wonderful unwrap shot, just with a hint of shoe.

  17. Can’t wait to see the new site!
    Oh I so know how you feel about the whole ex thing!
    I didn’t go through the him owing me money. But he must still being holding a grudge, talks to my new hubby, but not me if he can help it.
    Beautiful pictures!

  18. gorgeous gorgeous. as i come to expect ). i think you’re right with your ex…stand up for yourself! it’s sexy!

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